Emily & Keith Highlight Film

Javier Chavez - CEO

Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Video Editor 
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I am Javier Chavez, born and raised in Miami, Fl but now living in the Orlando, Fl area. I have always had a passion for design and movies, so much that after graduating high school I pursued my degree in Graphic Design and Computer Animation. There has always been something about being able to showcase my creativeness that has pushed me to try new hobbies and to step out of my comfort zone, all to be able to see peoples reactions when I create something new.....



Attention to detail is at the forefront of any project we work on. When you hire us, whether its for an advertisement or a wedding, we take proper steps in planning the days to ensure we are on track with your vision. Even after filming when editing we maintain communication to gain feedback and improve the final video. Are we filming your wedding? If so we will set up a meeting prior to the wedding to go over all the details and ensure we are capturing any specific details you might request. We also make sure to align with any other vendors in order to ensure a smooth day on your wedding day. 


We strive in providing a professional experience that begins from the moment you 

contact us, to the day that we begin any filming. No matter what the project is we make sure to be courteous and friendly to make the experience go that much more smoothly. 


Investing in our craft is something we live by and we are always expanding our gear to ensure we stay on top of our game. Everything from cameras to lighting to drones we attempt to have only the best that way your final video can be that much better. Depending on the size of your project we will determine what equipment will be needed to accomplish your vision.