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Javier Chavez - CEO

Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Video Editor 
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I am Javier Chavez, born and raised in Miami, Fl but now living in the Orlando, Fl area. I have always had a passion for design and creativity, so much that after graduating high school I pursued my degree in Graphic Design ,Pastry Culinary arts and Computer Animation. There has always been something about being able to showcase my creativeness that has pushed me to try new hobbies and to step out of my comfort zone, all to be able to see peoples reactions when I create something new.
Until 2 years ago I had not decided to make a living yet creating videos but buying my first Drone inspired me to learn, practice and apply my creativeness to film making. I am constantly on the hunt to learn new camera tricks, new video editing techniques and different ways to capture special moments that would otherwise be forgotten or only relived through memory. 

As a cinematographer and camera operator I work with a variety of different clients who are in need of professional video work. My skillset allows me to create content for small business owners, Individuals looking to showcase a personal idea, Corporate companies in need of video marketing or even someone just looking for a video editor. My passion has allowed me to become extremely flexible in the kind of videos I create. Not only is it a passion but its the feeling of knowing that I am helping someone capture a special moment and turn it into an everlasting video.

If you are a couple looking to have your wedding captured beautifully, a entrepreneur looking to market himself with quality video content, a small business owner looking to expand his social media content or create an advertisement, a corporate company looking to document an event or just an artist or model who needs some creative footage to help make them stand out please contact me so we can chat about how Mavic Hero Films can help make your creative ideas become a reality. If you haven't already, I invite you to take a look at our webpage and content.

Much love,

Javier Chavez

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